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Six Tips to Achieve Luxury in Printing Without Blowing Your Budget

If you’re involved in the creation of the design or business marketing strategy for your company’s brand, adding a print component is worth serious consideration. People are hard-wired to pay attention and respond to touch, and print’s tangible nature commands attention and generates feelings of authority, higher emotional engagement and pleasure. And as multiple studies […]

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The Business Benefits of Applying for Company Awards Programs

How do company awards set your business apart from the rest? Is it really worth all the hype of applying for industry recognition programs? Find out here… Applying for company awards programs takes up valuable resources. It’s another time-intensive project on the to-do list for your busy team. Is it worth it? Do the benefits […]

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Healthcare Professionalism: How to Choose an Exceptional Healthcare Provider in Middle TN

Healthcare Professionalism: How to Choose an Exceptional Provider All healthcare providers have the education to practice their specialties, but do they also possess healthcare professionalism?  Healthcare professionalism is a wide range of characteristics that enhance the healthcare experience. These include great communication skills, trust, and sound judgment.  But, how can you know if a healthcare provider has these […]

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Middle TN Best in Business Award Winners Announced for 2019

Award Winning Businesses in Middle Tennessee Recognized by the Best in Business Award Program for their excellence! Nashville, TN and surrounding area: Fifteen recipients of the 2019 Best in Business Award were recently announced for the Middle Tennessee area. Quality, integrity, trust and experience are the cornerstones of this prestigious award, which recognizes businesses and […]

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NXTSTEP for families in crisis

When Joe and Louise first married, they promised to stay together for better or for worse. Twelve years and two kids later, “worse” came, and their lives were turned upside down. Though they tried to make things work, the situation became miserable for the entire family and difficult choices had to be made. Fran was terrified that she might not be able to […]

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501(c)(3) Charity Recipient Named for 2019

We are very pleased to announce that Kids to Love has been named the 2019 501(c)(3) charity recipient for 2019. For this very special Best in Business Award, the current recipients area asked to nominate a non-profit organization they feel deserves this award. It is always difficult to decide on this, as our community has […]

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Granite Transformations in Nashville — The Remodelers for Homeowners Who Want Less Downtime

Granite Transformations franchise owners Bret and Kathy Foster admit it. Their company name may confuse some Nashville residents who think they’re “just another countertop company.” In truth, they’re so much more. They specialize in reducing the pain of kitchen and bath remodeling projects. They transform kitchens countertops and backsplash in as little as one day […]

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Legacy Homes: The Homebuilder Dream Team Delivers Exceptional Value

In the tech world, the phrase “user experience” is often mentioned, referring to how easy and pleasing a software or website is for the user. The same could be said for Legacy Homes, who have applied this high concept to homebuilding, giving their homeowners more functional, spacious, and comfortable living spaces, yet maintaining beautiful craftsmanship […]

Richard & Barbara Lapidus

How the Moon Race Helped Richards Lighting Grow

It was the spring 1963. President Kennedy was still alive and the moon race was very much on. Richards Lighting founders Richard and Barbara Lapidus moved to Huntsville, AL from Birmingham and soon, the locals were witnessing a Richards Lighting-branded panel truck traveling back and forth between Birmingham and Huntsville. These were heady times. Engineers […]