charity recipient

501(c)(3) Charity Recipient Named for 2019

charity recipientWe are very pleased to announce that Kids to Love has been named the 2019 501(c)(3) charity recipient for 2019. For this very special Best in Business Award, the current recipients area asked to nominate a non-profit organization they feel deserves this award. It is always difficult to decide on this, as our community has many well deserving non-profit organizations.

The staff of Kids to Love will be invited as our guests of honor next spring at our Best in Business Award Recipient Reception.


Since 2004, the Kids to Love Foundation has directly impacted the lives of more than 250,000 foster children. Their goal is to find “forever families” for children who are waiting to be adopted. The work this organization does is quite incredible; not only do they find families for many of these children, but they have provided scholarships to high school students and offer KTECH, which is Mechatronics/Advanced Manufacturing training. As a part of the KTECH training, young adults are able to learn life skills through LifeLab.

There is so much to this wonderful organization, please visit their website for more information.