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NXTSTEP for families in crisis

When Joe and Louise first married, they promised to stay together for better or for worse. Twelve years and two kids later, “worse” came, and their lives were turned upside down. Though they tried to make things work, the situation became miserable for the entire family and difficult choices had to be made.

Fran was terrified that she might not be able to hang on to her two boys. As a single mother, the challenges she faced on a daily basis weighed heavily on her, and now the threat of losing custody of what she cared most about in the world was overwhelming.

Shane’s parents had always put him first, and now it was his turn to take care of them as they both struggled with debilitating health issues. The situation was made much more stressful by disagreements with Shane’s siblings about what was best for them, and it was becoming very confusing.

When a family finds themselves in the middle of a crisis that is emotionally, financially or mentally devastating, not knowing what to do can make the situation even worse.

Kris Sexton and Coby Boswell understand this very well; they are the partners at NXTSTEP Family Law, P.C., and their mission is to help mothers, fathers, children or grandparents resolve family law issues, and take the next steps to a new life. Every case – every family – has its unique challenges and circumstances, and should be treated that way. That’s exactly what happens at NXTSTEP.

What is truly unique about this firm is the importance they place on accessibility. When someone like Joe, Louise, Fran or Shane hires this firm, they will gain access to their own team of caring, legal experts. From the first call to the final resolution, every client has a connection to an entire team of professionals who will keep them informed and reassured every step of the way.

NXTSTEP Family Law, P.C. has earned recognition in the law industry for their work, and continues to be awarded accolades. Besides becoming a recipient of the Best in Business Award, Huntsville/Madison County Chamber of Commerce named Kristina Sexton as  Young Professional of the Year 2018 and in 2017 the firm was awarded Emerging Business of the Year by the Chamber of Commerce. In 2017 & 2018 Coby Boswell was named a Rising Star by Super Lawyers. Kris and Coby both maintain an  Avvo Rating of 10.  Kris named by the American institute of Family Law Attorneys as one of the 10 Best Female Attorney in Alabama. Kris and Coby both have also garnered recognition for the National Advocates Top 40 under 40. The firm was recognized by the Alabama State Bar in 2017 for their contribution to Equal Justice in Alabama for the pro bono services they provided to clients who were qualified by the Madison County Volunteer Lawyers Program for the same.

These awards point to the success of NXTSTEP’s work and client satisfaction. Equally important, though, are the many testimonials from people who have faced the most turbulent times a family can go through, and found that right in the middle of the turmoil, NXTSTEP is the source of calm reason and orderly direction. As Kris says, “We see people go through all the stages of grief during this process, and emerge from the experience changed. They find closure, resolution and a sense of peace about the future.”