Terms of Use

The #1 Best in Business Award logo is trademark protected. As such, only current recipients of the award distinction are  granted the exclusive right and license to use our #1 Best in Business Award RECIPIENT  logo in their own respective marketing activities. Examples of this include, but are not limited to: newspaper and magazine ads, printed collateral and promotional materials, direct mail, billboards, website, social media posts, podcasts, Zoom calls, decals, signage, etc. Under no circumstances is anyone else allowed to use our trademarked logo. As a matter of fact, it is unlawful to do so without permission from The Gaylor Group, who owns the rights to the Best in Business Award brand and trademarked protected logo.

Since our program is category exclusive, it is imperative these guidelines be adhered to, especially with respect to former Best in Business Award recipients. Once a business or professional is no longer affiliated/associated with our Best in Business Award program, all self-promotion of our trademarked protected logo is prohibited, and any use of it whatsoever should immediately cease and desist.

Likewise, all “verbal” self-promotion of the award distinction, be it broadcast radio/television, podcast, Zoom call or any other public venue, should immediately cease and desist, as well. The only exception here is that the former recipient must verbally state the specific years and market, in which his/her company or practice was a Best in Business Award recipient. Since this would be considered a statement of fact, it is acceptable, but only with the required disclaimer mentioned above.

Furthermore, all promotional materials featuring our #1 Best in Business Award trademark logo that were initially provided to business or professional for their use when they were on our program (e.g., trophy, framed certificate, decals, stickers, etc.) should be taken down and/or removed from public view once their status changes from current to former award recipient.