Best in Business Program Details (Q&A)

What are the eligibility requirements to be considered and/or selected for the Best in Business Award?

The business or professional has to be nominated as a first step.  Anyone can submit a nomination by logging on to our website at  From the Home Page, simply click the Nominate a Business tab to access our online nomination form.  Each spring, Best in Business Award begins its selection process for the following calendar year.  Once all the online nominations are compiled, sorted and confirmed, every nominated business or professional starts on a level playing field.  As a first litmus test, the nominees have to demonstrate a consistent track record of responding to Better Business Bureau (BBB) complaints, which includes making a good-faith attempt at resolving consumer conflicts…within reason.  The most critical item we’re looking for on that BBB Profile is confirmation that ALL complaints filed against a company through the BBB received a response back.  Otherwise, the nomination is thrown out and disqualified.  Next, the owner/operator of the nominated business has to agree to an assessment interview with a Best in Business Award representative.  Questions will range from the amount of liability insurance the company carries, hiring practices of its employees, customer service procedures, involvement in civic/charitable activities within the community and a check for any pending litigation against the company.  Discerning the business’ overall reputation in the community is the final and most important step of our process, since Best in Business Award only designates one recipient per category.  Here, we’re looking for characteristics of integrity, quality and trust; therefore we rely on feedback from other recipients, community leaders who would know the nominee’s background, how the business owner is viewed from a humanitarian aspect, etc.

Does a company have to be a BBB Accredited Business to be eligible for your award?

No, accreditation with their organization is not a prerequisite for consideration of our award.  Best in Business Award is not a BBB Accredited Business themselves, however, they do have an A+ BBB Rating with zero complaints.

Why does Best in Business refer to votes as nominations and winners of its award as recipients?

Unlike some of the other recognition-based awards out there, ours is not a popularity contest.  A vote implies there’s a final tally and that the one who garners the most of them is named the winner. Instead we solicit nominations, go through an extensive selection process; then designate only one business or professional as the category-exclusive recipient of our award.

If the business that receives the most nominations isn’t guaranteed the award distinction, then why the #1 reference in your logo?

Because the final determination of what business is designated the award distinction in a particular category is made by Best in Business Award.  In other words, it’s our #1 choice.  Realistically, a business could receive the most nominations from consumers in a particular category and still not receive the award.  This is because the general population may not be aware of that company’s negative publicity surrounding an isolated incident, out-of-compliance issues with industry guidelines, poor track record of responding to BBB complaints, etc.  Hence the selection process.

Do you select a new recipient every year for each category?

Not necessarily.  As long as current recipients continue to meet our criteria and still have a favorable reputation in the community from one year to the next, they can conceivably maintain the Best in Business Award distinction for multiple years.

Why doesn’t Best in Business Award display the results of its online research?

The short answer is because of legal, proprietary reasons.  The other reason though is to cut down on confusion with consumers. Previously, we actually did display all the businesses and professionals that were nominated, by market and by category.  There were unfortunately a couple of problems with sharing that information.  Sometimes a consumer might nominate a business that did great work for them four years ago, but he/she might not be aware that the company is no longer in business.  Also, many consumers mistakenly assumed that our slate on nominations was Best in Business Award’s “Approved” list of vendors in that particular category.  This was not the case at all. It was strictly a list of nominated businesses and nothing more.

Has Best in Business Award ever had a category in which you were unable to identify a business that could meet all your stringent criteria?

Unfortunately, yes.

Do your recipients pay a fee for THE award?

Not for the award itself.  However, there is a “cooperative” advertising fee (or fund) each recipient pays into that helps underwrite our ongoing campaign.  When a large number of businesses purchase their advertising as one unit, there’s more buying clout with the media outlets and with the applicable costs associated with producing their marketing materials.

From a conflict of interest standpoint…at any time (past or present), has any of Best in Business Award’s officers, employees or relatives ever been designated as a “recipient” of your award?

Absolutely, unequivocally NO.  Sadly though, not every recognition program in the markets we serve can make that claim.

  • Nominate a Business

    We are currently seeking nominations and would appreciate your input as a consumer.

  • Nominate a Business

    We are currently seeking nominations and would appreciate your input as a consumer.