State Farm Agent Christina Smith Ushers In a Kindness Revolution

Christina Smith Photo

christinasmiththumbSix years ago, Christina Smith’s engineering career was long behind her. In January of 2010, she sat down for the first time behind the desk in her new Huntsville State Farm office, a newly minted agent, unsure of what to expect. She was thoroughly trained, competent, and ready to serve, having been appointed to this agency for a retiring agent. Her previous engineering background made her a natural fit for serving Huntsville, where hundreds of engineers lived and worked. “We tended to speak the same language,” Christina recalled.

But Christina hailed from Alexander City three hours away, and had uprooted the lives of her husband and young son to take on this opportunity. Her agency’s slogan, “Helping people live life confidently!” became somewhat of a personal reminder for her, as well, in her new role. She was completely new to this community, and she was eager to embrace her new life with gusto. “It was extremely challenging, but I felt like it was God’s plan for us to do it, so we did.”

Today, those first few weeks of her new agency are a distant memory. Christina is a busy agent with five licensed team members in her office, and more than 85 State Farm products she can offer her clients for every touchstone in their lives, from home mortgages and car loans — and the insurance to protect both — to banking and checking accounts.

Near the front door of her office on Governors West NW, a bowl filled with rubber wristbands greets her guests. There are two versions: one says “Pay It Forward,” and the other says “It’s Cool 2B Kind.” These wristbands are the visible souvenirs of a movement in which Christina has found meaningful work – as a community champion for the national non-profit initiative called “The Kindness Revolution.”



“It’s given me an opportunity to partner with an integrity organization that shares the same values that I do as a business owner. That was the appeal for me. I was able to join an organization that basically spreads the values of respect and kindness,” she explained.

The Kindness Revolution is a grass-roots organization that encourages people to hand out the signature wristbands recognizing those who do acts of kindness. Their “Spirit of Kindness” awards are given to students, volunteers, employees and organizations. Last week Christina presented an award at a local pre-school, and recently spoke to the American Heritage Girls Club about this growing movement.

There are many unsung heroes in the community, from first responders and police to small business owners, and Christina looks forward to ensuring they are acknowledged, since most volunteers tend to fly under the radar and not call attention to their good works. “We’re just getting started — there are so many deserving recipients out there,” she declared.

Christina’s community involvement and professional recognitions over the past six years have demonstrated her ability to flourish in her new community. In addition to her work with the Kindness Revolution, she has been recognized for the following:

  • North Alabama Best in Business Award Recipient
  • 2012 Start Up Business of the Year for Madison Chamber of Commerce
  • Christian Women Job Corp Advisory Council
  • Ambassador Travel Qualifier

It wouldn’t be surprising if someone tapped Christina on the shoulder one day, gifting her with a Kindness Revolution wristband, coming full circle.

For information about the State Farm products Christina offers, please call the Christina Smith Agency at (256) 270-9898 or visit If you are interested in participating in The Kindness Revolution, Christina would be happy to share more information about it, as well, or you can visit her Facebook page at