Fly Away Airport Parking Murfreesboro, TN

Fly Away Airport Parking: The Nashville Traveler’s Alternative

Did you know that the average driver anywhere around the world spends 20 minutes per trip trying to find a parking space?1 Sound familiar? Add to that the stress of having a plane to catch, and perhaps an entire family to corral, and it quickly becomes a recipe for anxiety attacks. But for Nashville business and leisure travelers, there’s an alternative: Fly Away Airport Parking, the off-airport parking alternative. Located at the south side of Nashville Airport, the lot consists of 10 prime acres, with spaces for up to 1,500 cars at one time.

Fly Away Airport Parking Parking Lot

Fly Away Airport Parking is the cost-effective, easy way to park and fly without the hassle of waiting in line. Users simply set up an account online with their credit card—PCI compliant–and Fly Away Airport Parking does the rest. When a traveler drops off their vehicle, the attendant provides them with a ticket, billed to their credit card, and the Fly Away Airport Parking shuttle bus takes them to the airport. Upon the traveler’s return, they can text the claim check number to Fly Away, and the Fly Away valet will have their car waiting for them, along with an ice-cold bottle of water. (Fly Away founded this tradition several years ago after finding most of their customers are dehydrated after a long day of traveling).

Fly Away Airport Parking customers earn 10 points for every 24 hours they park with them. Once they traveler has reached 50 points, they’re eligible for one full 24-hour day of free parking. “We have some customers with more than 1,000 points,” said Yonas Yakob, General Manager. Fly Away Airport Parking also offers aggressive digital coupons, often as much as 40% off.

As proud supporters of the U.S. military, merchant marines, and first responders, Fly Away ensures they receive the largest discount of any program they offer, as low as $6.95 a day. Many Fort Campbell travelers from Kentucky take advantage of that program, Yakob notes. At the Nashville Fly Away office, the large American flag and the five services flags underscore their commitment to our patriots. “It’s the right thing to do, morally,” said Yakob.

Yakob is pleased to report Fly Away Airport Parking has little employee turnover. Similar to Southwest Airlines in their approach to hiring and corporate culture, they seek upbeat employees who joke with the customers and exude a friendly, can-do attitude. Yakob shared that they are currently seeking two more drivers and two more valets for the Nashville location. (The drivers need to be able to drive a dual-axle shuttle, requiring an F endorsement.)

Fly Away Airport Parking Shuttle Bus

“We have great success in hiring seniors as our shuttle drivers. They’re always here on time and they’re reliable in every way,” Yakob opined. While the shuttle drivers earn $9.00 per hour, they routinely average $150 per day in tips. “We welcome people who have a good work ethic, good decision making skills and who are willing to work hard, fast, and long. If you can do that, we have opportunities for you,” he said.

By 2 p.m., Yakob estimated he had yet another 280 customers landing whose cars his team would valet by day’s end, but he ended the interview by welcoming people to submit their job applications to him via or call (615) 367-2200.

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