On Veteran’s Day, Roscoe Brown Proudly Supports and Employs Our Troops

We’d like to begin today’s blog by personally thanking everyone out there who has served our country in the military, and we especially honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice, as well as their surviving families. “We treasure our freedoms because of these patriotic men and women of the U.S. military, said Norman Brown, Roscoe Brown’s president. “We are proud to employ military veterans, and we feel that their training and dedication makes us a better company.”

An estimated 215,000 military veterans are currently living in Tennessee, giving employers like Roscoe Brown and others throughout our state an enormous talent pool to pull from. According to CareerBuilder.com, an estimated 86% of the force is enlisted for all services, whereas 14% are officers and warrant officers; however, many non-commissioned soldiers have bachelors and masters degrees, since the military has made education a focal point.

In our experience, there are several reasons why veterans make excellent Roscoe Brown employees, and we encourage employers out there to hire our returning military veterans. Here are a few of the reasons we find military veterans to be excellent employees:

Brian Byrd

Brian Byrd, Roscoe Brown’s CFO

They are self-disciplined. Veteran military training is all about learning discipline, from their physical fitness regime to the time and care they take shining their shoes and making their beds, to their moments of reacting calmly to situations in a disciplined manner in a theater of war.

They are deadline-oriented. Veterans take their responsibilities seriously. The military doesn’t tolerate excuses because in a war situation, it can mean life or death. Military veterans are trained to complete their projects on time, and they are groomed to complete their missions.

They value collaboration. While our military veterans can work independently with minimal supervision, early on they learn the value of collaboration and cooperation. Their fellow troops are all for one, one for all.

They are well trained. The military has already spent the money training our veterans, and we are fortunate to leverage that training towards careers at Roscoe Brown.

They understand crisis management. Being cool under pressure is their forte’. Our military veterans have laser-sharp focus and are trained to quickly assess and resolve a situation while under pressure, whether it’s a refrigerant leak or a pipe that has burst. They have been trained to react quickly and logically, not allowing emotion to cloud their judgment.


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If you or someone you know is a military veteran seeking a career with Roscoe Brown, we invite you to click here and read the opportunities we currently have open: