Ned Dominick Wants to Keep Your Marriage Safe

Ned Dominick's Home Inspections Photo copyIf you’ve ever received an “NSFW” email, you know it’s one you shouldn’t be viewing at work. But what about a “NSFM” website – one that’s unsafe for your marriage?

With more than 50% of married Americans–including 29% of women–viewing sexually explicit material online, not to mention 70% of children under age 10 accidentally stumbling across this content while innocently researching key words, Ned Dominick wanted to find a computer browsing solution that wouldn’t be overridden by the adults in the household.

As a Christian, after Ned himself briefly fell victim to perusing adult sites online, he sought a solution in 1998 that forced accountability, so that couples could trust one another again to rebuke this temptation. To that end, he founded, which is a $49 per year software subscription for up to three computers in one household, disabling anyone’s ability to seek out adult material online. The system forces you to contact to disable the software, which Ned admits does happen on occasion. “I had one Christian man who was addicted to internet porn, and he ultimately forced me to disable the software. He ended up divorcing his wife, leaving his children and moving to Florida to live with a friend who was also addicted to internet porn. It’s a real problem. I think it’s a losing battle.”

Said Ned, prior to the internet, there was a stigma and a sense of shame to seeking out pornographic materials. The advent of the internet has ensured there’s the “Three A’s of Internet Porn” — Availability, Affordability (free), and Anonymity.

Ned recommends that households safeguard their marriages and their children by placing computers in the center of the household, in a highly trafficked area where no one would be tempted to view this kind of material. He also recommends that parents ensure children keep their cell phones in a public place, and never allow their children to take their cell phones with them alone in their bedrooms.

Today, there are mobile porn-blocking solutions, as well. Ned recently discovered one smart phone solution he recommends to customers called, which offers a version for Apple and Android phones, and provides reporting to parents.

According to Ned, in Japan, they’re reporting there’s a real problem where Japanese men are not dating women, because virtual sex is easier and less work for them. With the advent of virtual porn on the forthcoming augmented reality viewing devices, as were highlighted at the recent Consumer Electronics Show, Ned worries that America won’t be far behind Japan.

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