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5 Tips to Boost Your Company’s Audience Engagement

Audience engagement isn’t always as easy as posting the latest meme to your social page. To truly generate the results you’re looking for, you’ll need to approach your engagement strategy with a plan. For example, simply posting a video to your Facebook page could result in 135% greater reach than a text or image post? Here are […]

Simple Do’s and Don’ts When Applying For Business PR Awards

Winning an award for your company feels great. But that’s not the only benefit!One study found that companies who received an award saw a 37% sales increase afterword. PR awards may be a great way to build trust and credibility for your company, but how do you secure an award in the first place? We’ve got some […]

9 Small Business Awards Worth the Application Efforts!

Apply to These 9 Small Business Awards to help your Company Stand Out! When you own a small business, being recognized for your hard work is very gratifying. After all, every single day you strive to serve customers and clients, and to have a positive impact on your community. Awards for business help recognize local companies […]

Promote Business by Encouraging Your Employees to be Brand Ambassadors

Employee satisfaction is important and links to customer satisfaction. Not only do satisfied and happy employees make for more productive workers, making a better contribution to the company, they can also act as spokespeople for your company. Happy employees are eager to promote business and this could lead to new clients and even sales as well […]

PR Strategies: Attracting Media Publicity for Your Small Business

Get the Coverage Your Company Deserves: How to Get Media Attention. The business world is more competitive than ever. Consumers have more choices and more access to information than ever before. Public relations, or earned media, builds trust with your customers and potential customers. The more they trust your brand, the more likely they will be to […]

7 Strategies to Increase Brand Trust for Your Company

Increasing your company’s brand trust can be a challenge, despite the many forms of advertising out there. With consumers getting thousands of messages a day, consumers have become more discriminating.  Even though you know your business is awesome, peyou want your customers to believe it too. How can you convince them that your brand truly is […]

Creating a Winning Culture: How to Achieve a Company Culture to Elevate Your Business

Have you ever considered the importance of a strong company culture? As a business owner, you should.  A company’s culture is directly related to its turnover rate. A company with a poor culture has an estimated turnover rate of 48.4 percent. When it comes to your business, everything hinges on your employees and their mindsets. Check out […]

5 Tips for Improving Customer Satisfaction

So many business awards hinge on customer satisfaction, and so does your company’s long-term success. Here’s how to send it through the roof. Your customers are the heart and soul of your company. Without them, you wouldn’t be able to keep your doors open very long before your business falls apart. Because your customers are […]

A Quality Contractor in Middle Tennessee: 6 Important Questions to Ask Before Hiring

The hardest part for most homeowners is finding a reliable contractor. Based on research, the average cost of remodeling a home in Middle Tennessee is between $9,714 and $77,716. If you include the general contractor fees, $5,245 – $6,557, you immediately realize the immense costs of the project. Making the practical choice of hiring a reliable contractor […]