Promote Business by Encouraging Your Employees to be Brand Ambassadors

Employee satisfaction is important and links to customer satisfaction. Not only do satisfied and happy employees make for more productive workers, making a better contribution to the company, they can also act as spokespeople for your company. Happy employees are eager to promote business and this could lead to new clients and even sales as well as small business awards. 

Here are several practical ways your employees can help your business and potentially ensure the company gets the recognition it deserves.


Merchandise is crucial to promotion. Getting your employees to drink from employee mugs at home or wear key rings with the company logo can get people asking questions about your business. It also is a tangible way to promote business. 

Merchandise is a nice way of rewarding employees and makes them feel more included and part of the team. Here are some items that your employees might be interested in:

  • Water bottles. These are environmentally friendly and give off the right message about your company’s eco credentials. But they also mean exposure to members of the public. Think about how many people will see your employees drinking from your company branded bottle on the bus, walking down the street or at a restaurant. These visual impressions can help promote your business.
  • Phone covers. Everybody has a smartphone these days and people also break them very easily. A well-made phone cover, in several different designs and colors with the company logo embossed, can be a popular item among the staff that is both useful and attractive. 

Social Media 

With Facebook averaging over 2.3 Billion users, a company’s social media platform is more important than ever to promote business. Imagine the outreach of not just one central account but potentially hundreds of genuine social media accounts all promoting your company on a daily basis.

Encourage your employees to tweet about the company or post a photo on Instagram or Facebook, tagging the company’s official account in posts and sharing the company logo. Also feel free to talk to your company employees about strategic posting. 

Give employees some advice on how they can help promote business and perhaps even arrange a group session with the person in your office responsible for social media. 


Networking is the way the business and employees build connections with customers but it can also be the way employees can make connections of their own that can be valuable in their long term careers. Supporting your employees in this way promotes business by showing that your company is a caring employer.

Arranging networking events outside of work time can, therefore, be a very valuable process. Be sure to offer incentives such as free drinks or even a buffet meal to ensure a laid back event that is not too formal. 

Your Employees Are the Best Way to Promote Business 

If you want to ensure your business is reaching out to new customers and growing at a pace you are happy with, then look to the people who work at your business.

Your employees are your organization’s lifeblood who experience the company on a day-to-day business. If they like and enjoy working for the company then, with the right guidance, they will be one of the best ways to promote business, online and in-person. 

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