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Creating a Winning Culture: How to Achieve a Company Culture to Elevate Your Business

Have you ever considered the importance of a strong company culture?

As a business owner, you should. 

A company’s culture is directly related to its turnover rate. A company with a poor culture has an estimated turnover rate of 48.4 percent.

When it comes to your business, everything hinges on your employees and their mindsets. Check out these six ways to lift up your employees with a winning culture.

1. Recognize and Reward employees

Looking to improve your company culture? You should consider recognizing and rewarding your employees for a job well done. Both you and your employees will benefit greatly from doing this.

This can be recognized from the top of the company or even peer to peer recognition. Think of the behaviors that are important to the core values of your company and then reward people who meet those standards. If you are not sure how to create one, start small with a few rewards that align with your company goals and culture.

2. Create a Strong Team Atmosphere 

Are you wondering how to improve company culture?

Strong company culture can’t exist without a strong team atmosphere. To strength the team vibe within your company, get everyone together for team building exercises or out of office events such as volunteering for charities as a team.

3. Allow employee Flexibility in the Workplace

Gone are the days of traditional card punching. Instead, you may want to consider entertaining the more modern idea of office flexibility. This can be allowing employees to work from home from time to time, actually implementing ‘flex time’, or allowing employees to take “mental health” days.

Other ways that you offer more flexibility is to allow your employees more control over their work responsibilities. Consider less micromanaging and more freedom. 

4. Give Regular employee Feedback

Improving company culture comes when you give your employees regular feedback on their performance. This goes beyond a yearly performance review. Regular, timely feedback is necessary so your employees know exactly what your expectations are. Other growing trends that have shown to improve company culture is bottom-up feed back, as well as 360-degree feed back.

Along with giving regular feedback, you can also let your employees know that they’re welcome to share ideas and concerns with you as well. Hearing their feedback will not only make them feel important, but it can also improve different areas of your business.

5. Stay True to company values

When it comes to creating a better company culture, you need to stay true to your core values.

Ideally, you would already have established values and goals. If not, you need to establish your organization’s core values so that your employees know what is expected.

6. Create and Encourage Strong Relationships

Want happier employees? Create and encourage strong relationships amongst your employees. Create a space within your office that’s conducive to strengthening relationships.

When employees build friendships within their office, morale goes up. When morale increases, so do employee performance. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Create a Winning Culture at Work

Creating a winning culture in the workplace benefits everyone. When your employees feel important and cared for, the entire dynamic of your company can change for the better.

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