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5 Tips to Boost Your Company’s Audience Engagement

Audience engagement isn’t always as easy as posting the latest meme to your social page. To truly generate the results you’re looking for, you’ll need to approach your engagement strategy with a plan.

For example, simply posting a video to your Facebook page could result in 135% greater reach than a text or image post?

Here are 5 tips for improving audience engagement that you can use to fuel your strategy.

1. Show Off your personality to up audience engagement

Audiences don’t care for faceless brands anymore. Instead, they prefer companies who come across as warm, friendly, and witty.

Brand personality humanizes a company and makes them easier to identify and connect with.

If you haven’t already come up with a branding strategy, now is the perfect time to do so. Pick a few traits that you think represent your brand, then think about ways in which you can express those via your company’s voice.

Your team should serve as brand ambassadors who keep that voice consistent across any and all channels.

2. Invest in Content

The saying is true, “content is king.” Content marketing is the most effective way to show off your brand’s personality, generate traffic, and get your audience engaged and talking about your business.

However, ‘content’ is a vague term, so we don’t blame you if you’re not sure where to begin.

It all depends on where you’re posting.

Images and video tend to generate the most buzz on social media, while blog posts on your website are a fantastic way to establish trust, brand authority, and improve your SEO.

3. Get Your Audience Involved

All too often, marketing is mistaken for a passive endeavor. Don’t fall into this old pitfall — modern marketing is anything but passive.

Some of the hottest brands get clicks by directly involving their audience. Research even shows that when you get your audience involved, they’re more likely to take an interest in your product or service.

Your call to action is the best way to encourage involvement. End each post by encouraging a specific action. The most common CTA involves getting in touch with your business.

Don’t feel limited, though. Ask for audience involvement by requesting feedback, asking your audience to submit content, encouraging comments, or anything else that requires them to take action.

4. Reply to Comments

Generating comments on your content can be a challenge. It’s even tougher if your audience feels as though you don’t care about what they’re saying.

As often as you can, reply to comments, whether they’re positive or negative. Doing so lets your audience know you’re listening.

5. Post at the Right Time

You have great content and you’re excited for the world to see it. Now, all that’s left to do is load it into your content management system and hit publish, right?

That’s an option. But if you’re publishing at an off-hour, you won’t receive the engagement you’re hoping for.

Instead, check your analytics before posting. What times generate the most engagement? Follow your data and you can’t go wrong.

If you don’t have any data yet, a good rule of thumb is to post during business hours. Arrange for posts to go live around mid-morning and just after lunch, as audiences tend to be the most alert and productive during these periods.

Boost Your Company’s Audience Engagement With These Tips

Before we go, we should note that audience engagement involves a fair bit of trial and error. Not everything will work on the first try. It’s worth keeping a content calendar and trying out different types of content on a consistent basis to see which types of content yield the most audience engagement.

That’s okay!

Stay patient and learn from your data. You’ll boost your audience engagement in no time!

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7 Strategies to Increase Brand Trust for Your Company

Increasing your company’s brand trust can be a challenge, despite the many forms of advertising out there. With consumers getting thousands of messages a day, consumers have become more discriminating. 

Even though you know your business is awesome, peyou want your customers to believe it too. How can you convince them that your brand truly is everything it claims to be?

Don’t worry! Here are 7 tips to help you boost brand trust and which can generate more leads:

1. Be Findable and Credible

The more findable your business is, the better. This means a Google My Business page is nearly essential.

Not only can it help make your business more findable, but with quality pictures, directions, and honest reviews, it can be a huge help in boosting brand trust.

Speaking of business reviews—most customers trust online feedback just as much as if another person told them. 

And if you have many of these good reviews, it can boost brand trust by showing potential customers that you have reliable products and services. 

2. Enhance Customer Service and Reliability

Customers value a positive experience. When an issue comes up, make sure to solve it quickly and efficiently. 

Consider setting up a live chat on your website to help answer customer’s questions as fast as possible.

This will show customers that your company is both reliable and responsive, boosting brand trust.

3. Gain Recognition

Another way to up your brand’s trust is to win a small business award. This can help your company stand out from all the rest. 

Business awards can boost your business’ credibility and attract more clients.  

4. Meet Customer Expectations

Friendliness and honestly are key qualities in creating a welcoming environment for customers and building brand trust. 

When creating your ads, don’t exaggerate in any way. Instead, make ads as accurate as possible so that when customers receive their product, it will meet their expectations.

This will show buyers that you are true to your word and your brand is worthy of their trust.

5. Set Up a Professional Website

Setting up a neat and professional website for your business can show customers your brand values quality and excellence. 

Make sure you get your own domain name and choose the correct color scheme to keep your website neat and content easily readable.

Abstain from ads, especially pop-ups, since these can bother rather than impress your target audience.

A website is also a great place to showcase your brand’s achievements. Consider setting up a portfolio page with examples of your brand’s best work.

6. Post Quality Content on a Consistent Basis

Posting quality content consistently is an awesome way to build brand trust because it shows you’re invested in your niche and know it well. 

You can set up a blog on your website, share helpful info on a social media account, host a conference, or set up a webinar.

7. Interact with Visitors

Interacting with visitors online or offline is a great way to establish a personal connection with your target audience.

If in a brick and mortar store, make sure you are friendly and helpful so your customers will find exactly what they need. 

Final Thoughts on Building Brand Trust

Building brand trust is not an endeavor reserved for national brands and doing so can come with many long-term benefits. 

Make sure to use these strategies to show people that you have truly awesome and reliable products and services. As the word spreads on-line and off-line, your brand’s reputation will help convert more prospects into leads.

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