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Sarah Cannon The Cancer Institute of HCA

The cancer research arm of HCA Healthcare, Sarah Cannon is focused on advancing therapies for patients. It is one of the world’s leading clinical research organizations conducting community-based clinical trials in oncology, cardiology and orthopedics through affiliations with a network of more than 1,000 physicians across the United States and United Kingdom. Sarah Cannon has led more than 150 first-in-man clinical trials since its inception in 1993, and has been a clinical trial leader in approximately 80 percent of approved cancer therapies in the last three years. Additionally, Sarah Cannon offers management, regulatory, and other research support services for drug development and industry sponsors as well as strategic investigator sites through its contract research organization (CRO), Sarah Cannon Research Institute Development Innovations. For more information, visit sarahcannon.com.

As a pioneer in bringing clinical trials closer to patients in the community independent from academic resources, Sarah Cannon has built one of the largest early-phase clinical trial programs in the world, and has initiated more than 150 first-in-human trials to date.

A trusted partner to the leading pharmaceutical and biotech companies developing the newest cancer therapies, our physician leaders have been at the forefront of shaping the standard of care through new drug approvals for more than 20 years.

Sarah Cannon’s team has one of the broadest perspectives on cancer care delivery by reaching more than 100,000 newly diagnosed patients annually through our international network and enrolling thousands of patients into clinical trials annually.

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