Storm Shelters

Steel Strong Shelters

Tests conducted at The National Wind Institute, located at Texas Tech University, provided the results necessary to certify that Steel Strong Shelters exceeded the required FEMA 320/361 criteria. 

 Utilizing pneumatic machinery to simulate wind speeds of over 250 mph, various wind-borne debris are launched at the units to gather valuable testing data to determine the durability of their shelters.

Units pass the prescribed testing as long as debris doesn’t penetrate the body of the unit, or dent the unit beyond 3 inches. And as mentioned earlier, Steel Strong Shelters exceeded those test specifications. Not only that, but Kendall Blaxton, the company’s owner, provides a lifetime warranty against defects on ALL of his shelters!

According to Blaxton, “We can even install your unit during the frame-out of your new home or business. Our team has constructed units for the following facilities: Alabama Power, Alabama Gas, BP, GE Intelligent Platforms, Ingersoll-Rand, Mercedes-Benz, 3M and US Steel…just to name a few. In addition, we have constructed units for these schools: Auburn University, Garden City, Jackson County and Phil Campbell.”

Steel Strong Shelters
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