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With state-of-the art digital technology, our Animal Health Care Team, with our clients as our partners, highly values giving time needed for thorough understanding of your animal’s condition and how to give best care for disease prevention for your pet’s wellness for a long healthy life.

Kevin Lowe has always had a heart for animals. As he grew up, his creature companions included wild birds at the feeders around his home, insects, hamsters, dogs, cats, baby squirrels, raccoons, lizards, snakes, turtles, tarantulas, walking toads, ponies, and parakeets. Kevin befriended and learned from all. (Well … maybe not the tarantulas!)

Providing care for animals as his ‘life calling’ came to Kevin around age 12, when “Joe”, the family’s rescued German Shepherd known lovingly as “the million dollar free dog”, had numerous health issues needing the attention of a veterinarian. Making sure he went along every time when “Joe” made his many visits to Whitesburg Animal Hospital, Kevin watched with amazement as Dr. Mark Russell and Dr. Darla Morris calmed a frightened animal, thoughtfully diagnosed, explained their plan for best care, and then “fixed” his dog. In those experiences Kevin discovered what he HAD to do with his life. Asking if he could work at the hospital, yet too young to be hired, Dr. Russell let him volunteer as a kennel helper which started the chain of events leading to Dr. Lowe’s work as a Veterinarian today.

A native of Huntsville, Kevin attended Auburn University where he could be seen at the Auburn football and basketball games as a Stunt Man on the Cheerleading team. After his second year at Auburn, he traded his athletic scholarship for a part-time job in the Auburn’s Vet Med Parasitology Lab to help pay expenses for his studies. He graduated as a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from Auburn in 2002.

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