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The PILL Method

The PILL Method was first developed in 2006 with a singular goal of revealing to everyone the devastating effects of the amortized loan…be it your mortgage, student loan, auto loan, or credit card. Amortization is helpful and harmful at the same time. Although it creates affordable payments, amortization also causes those who take out a loan to pay 75% more interest than they need to and makes the overall interest costs astronomical. So much so that 90% of the people you know will never fully pay off their mortgage!

Here is a little known fact. The interest rate you are quoted when you establish your loan is not the interest rate you pay. Case and point–if you have a $200,00 mortgage with a 30-year term at 3%, you will actually pay back $103,555.60 in interest alone. The total purchase price for that home is now $303,555.60, which includes an interest cost of 51.778% of the principal borrowed! So a 4% loan translates to 71%, 5% becomes 93% and 6% turns into a whopping 115.838% of the principal borrowed. In the last example, you would have to pay more in interest than the principal you borrowed in the first place!

The PILL Method’s unique and powerful education component along with specially designed algorithms contained within its revolutionary Interest Cancellation App not only make it possible to understand how loans work, but it digitizes the whole of your finances to identify more variables than you ever knew existed. With the power of computers, we create an expanded data set, and by analyzing a larger data set, it is possible to identify millions of different configurations in paying off your loans. Only one of those configurations is optimum though. With the PILL Method, an individual can pay off all of his/her loans with the least amount of interest cost possible.

For the first time in financial history, it is possible to pay off all of your debt including mortgage loans, student loans, auto loans and credit cards in and average of 8 to 10 years. You will systematically cancel up to 75% of your scheduled interest costs, and you will do so by using your current budget and without sacrificing your current lifestyle.

The PILL Method Interest Cancellation App and its education protocols answer questions about finances you did not even know to ask!

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