Catering by Narvell


Catering by Narvell has been serving the North Alabama region for almost 25 years now, but Narvell Patton’s love for cooking dates back well before then…even back to her childhood. “My parents were sharecroppers, so we lived off the land,” according to Narvell. “As such, I learned from an early age to appreciate the value of a good, home-cooked meal.”

Catering by Narvell can either prepare and deliver meals to your location, set up a serving line at the venue, or provide kitchen-to-table service for more formal occasions/events. Whether it’s a business meeting, wedding, or a holiday get-together with friends and family, this caterer will go the extra mile to ensure your dining experience is special.

Covid has shaken a lot of people’s faith, but not Narvell’s. Hers was actually strengthened during the pandemic. Where some restaurants and caterers shut down permanently, or at least for an extended period of time, she prayed for wisdom and compassion about the situation. Rather than just perpetuate the devastating economic impact, Narvell wanted to find a solution to the problem and help folks in the process. Realizing many people were uncomfortable attending church on Sundays and unable to enjoy their routine of eating out afterwards, Catering by Narvell began providing to-go meals with curbside pick-up. “It turned out to be an overwhelming success,” Narvell exclaimed. “An answered prayer and blessing in disguise!”

“Everyone is known for something,” Narvell says, “so I guess my niche is simply this: we are farm to table. We have always relied on word-of-mouth referral business, so whenever people hire us for a particular event or occasion, there’s a certain quality they have come to expect. In other words, they know nothing comes out of my kitchen from a can. I personally do the shopping and inspect the freshness and quality of the food products before they are purchased. I not only hand-select all the meat and produce, but my hands also touch every meal that leaves our kitchen”.

“And my team is top-notch!”, beams Narvell. “They possess a wonderful work ethic and are dedicated to quality. Truth be known, if they had not embraced our company’s philosophy years ago and didn’t love and respect one another, I wouldn’t be where I am today.”

Catering by Narvell
2107 Meridian Street North (Suite C)
Huntsville, AL 35811