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Originally opened as a successful feed and seed store in 1946, the NEW Brooks & Collier has absorbed the best of the past 70 years in business to bring you a home and garden shopping experience that will keep you coming back for all your indoor and outdoor living needs!

Greg’s dad Billy, transformed the original store into an outdoor nursery and gardening store in the 1970s. His mother Doris opened the second store in the 1980s on South Parkway. This store introduced casual furniture to Brooks & Collier’s quality merchandise.

Today, the evolution continues!

    • Furniture manufacturers are making more durable, weatherproof fabrics and materials for outdoor living
    • Advanced cooking technologies have evolved to replace old blackened pit barbecues with stylish options for smoking, grilling, barbecuing, and baking
    • Gardening is no longer back-breaking work, but often a hobby or an enjoyable, creative adventure in color

“People get involved in decorating and furnishing their backyards, patios, decks, and pool/sauna areas,” says Greg. “They design their own flowerbeds and herb gardens. They often need guidance and advice, but they have grand expectations and know what they want when they see it,” Greg says.

“We are still a family operation who cares deeply about our customers. We sell quality furniture, gifts, indoor and outdoor decor at a reasonable price. We have also designed the store to present our merchandise in the most pleasing way, so that sopping our store, we want you to feel you can see it in your home.”

Still family-owned by native Huntsvillians

The Brooks’ have been around Huntsville for many years, Greg admits. “Of course back in my grandfather’s day, Huntsville wasn’t as big as it is now and when I was a kid, we lived ‘out’ in the country by downtown standards. They used to ‘let us in town’ if we promised to behave,” he jokes.

Perhaps it is that perfect mixture of country living with elegant in-city style that makes Brooks & Collier Huntsville’s favortite indoor and outdoor shopping experience.

Brooks & Collier

Brooks & Collier
813 Meridian Street
Huntsville, AL 35801

Phone: (256) 534-2781