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Middle TN Best in Business Award Winners Announced for 2019

Award Winning Businesses in Middle Tennessee Recognized by the Best in Business Award Program for their excellence!

Nashville, TN and surrounding area:

Fifteen recipients of the 2019 Best in Business Award were recently announced for the Middle Tennessee area. Quality, integrity, trust and experience are the cornerstones of this prestigious award, which recognizes businesses and professionals from Davidson and surrounding counties.

How are Middle Tennessee Businesses Nominated?

Nominations for the award were submitted online from consumers through Best in Business Award’s website. Visitors to the site were instructed to nominate businesses and professionals they felt are worthy of the distinction, “Best in Business”. Once the nominations were tabulated, Best in Business Award Association began an extensive selection process. As the first litmus test, each nominee had to demonstrate a satisfactory track record of responding to complaints through the local Better Business Bureau, a prerequisite of the program. Next, the owner or officer of the nominated business was required to participate in an assessment interview with Best in Business Award. Topics ranging from experience and hiring practices of their employees to liability insurance coverage levels and customer service procedures were discussed, just to name a few. The final step in the selection process was to gauge a nominee’s overall reputation in the community among their peers. For example, general contractors were asked which subcontractors are the most dependable, and inquiries about particular physicians or specialists were made to those in the medical field, etc. “Selecting an exceptional slate of recipients for our award was time consuming and required us to be thorough”, said John Gaylor of Best in Business Award. “Allowing local consumers to take part in the process also gave us a credible point of reference from which to begin our search” he added.

Congratulations to the 2019 Award Recipients:

About The Best in Business Award Program:

The Gaylor Group, LLC owns the rights to the Best in Business Award brand name and program. John Gaylor has over 30 years of marketing, advertising and public relations experience and has served in senior level positions for both Fortune 500 and Fortune 100 companies during his tenure in the corporate world.

From the beginning, Gaylor has been actively involved with the development and implementation of the Best in Business Award Program and has helped launch this annual campaign in three states over the last 12 years.